"I dont get along with other girls because girls are so bitchy"

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its 4am

I had a leftover calzone, a dr pepper and a cigarette for lunch. I am Living The Dream



White people crying after Mitt Romney lost the election

Ah my favorite post on this site makes rounds once again

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Get to know me


i felt real myspace too and decided to bother everyone with useless information. the lady at the nail salon made my acrylics so pointed i cant fuckikng type


Name: Becca
Age: 23
Gender: im an agender bean
Selfie: /tagged/me, i posted one in another post a few days ago


Food: im really into sonoran hotdogs and shaved ice right now, also popcorn. sushi is my number one fave tho
Drink: COOL BLUE GATORADE IS MY LIFE, also sprite, cherry vanilla dr. pepper and jameson. not all at the same time but it doesn’t sound bad….
Book: “it” by stephen king and “stiff” by mary roach
Author: pretty much all stephen king, mary roach and dean koontz book
Song: i’m really into ‘hallelujah’ by rufus wainwright, ‘you make me sick’ by of mice and men and ‘set me on fire’ by pendulum
Movie: get smart, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, the spongebob movie, hercules and fantasia (i am an adult i promise)
TV Show: the x-files and oitnb, wonder showzen, aqua teen hunger force
Bands: uhhhh, system of a down, slipknot, bloodhound gang, the descendents, new found glory
Solo Artist: who do i like thats even a solo artist??? i guess tech n9ne, does that count?

Place: in bed or in a warm shower 

School Subject: i had a forensic pathology class that ruled so fucking hard and also art history.
Sport: spor….t? sportsball???? i like to watch rugby if i happen to be in a restaurant when it’s on….it…uhh…wow
Male Actors: i dunno, i usually like steve carell movies and leo because he’s always been my crush
Female Actors: laverne counts right? yes definitely 


Best Friend: my bf is annoying and lazy but he’s my best

Siblings: one brother who’s 18 named after stephen king, asshole
Dream Job: being in crime scene management or in forensic pathology, a coroner and mortician all that stuff
Political Ideology: hmmmm
Religion: i only really believe in saints so just st. michael and santa muerte
Tattoos: a red lightsaber on my finger and ‘veritas’ on my inner lip
Languages: English and i can read and understand russian more or less


Reason Behind URL: i dunno, but i’m stuck with it
Reason Behind Icon: i havent changed it in like, 3 years so i won’t  change it ever probably. dont know why i picked it
Number of Posts: 31,866
Number of Followers: 2,053 WHERE Y’ALL AT
Tracked Tags: i don’t track anything
First URL: myredlightsaber probab;y i think i don’t remmber. ive been on here too long
Number of blogs: i only have this one and a personal that i forgot about and one with a hoarded URL heheuhuehue

thanks for watching

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did u know dirt nasty is 40????

i still highkey want him to fuck me likeeeeeeeee

Three Loco - Neato
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Neato - Three Loco

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